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The Rock's First Signature Shoe Honors American Service Members

We've marveled at Dwayne Johnson's exploits for years, watching him morph from the brash WWE superstar known as The Rock to the suave movie and TV star we see today—but until now, we've never exactly been able to put ourselves in his shoes.

That changes today with the release of the Under Armour Project Rock 1 (PR1), Johnson's very first signature shoe with the company (the UA x Project Rock Delta wasn't designed for him, so they don't technically count). got to try the kicks out early and talked to PR1 lead designer Justin Howe, who shared what it was like to create the shoes for a star who trains as hard as he shines.

"Everything starts with Dwayne," said Howe. "We collaborated with him all the way from the very first sketch all the way to production. It's really extensive."

Johnson had input on everything about the shoe, from the aesthetic inspiration to the materials to the final design. In a sense, Under Armour's message is that the PR1 isn't a shoe built for The Rock—it's a shoe built by The Rock.

The high top is deceptively light, no doubt thanks to the knit construction that hugs the wearer's ankle. The knit gives way to a synthetic overlay with forefoot webbing to keep the fit snug, although people with narrow feet and runners might find them roomier than other kicks they're accustomed to wearing. That's not a problem, though—ample cushioning from Under Armour's Micro G midsole makes it a cozy fit.

Howe says that's to give your foot the ability to splay, and almost "grip the ground with your toes."

"It's more of a lockdown, rather than a squish," he said.

We laced up the PR1, and that's a fairly apt description of the fit.

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