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The heel of the PR1 is clearly built for weightlifters, who typically favor trainers that offer platforms, like the Adidas Adipower, for their forceful moves. The heel is made out of a TPU compound specific to Under Armour, according to Howe, which aims to stabilize the heel. "It eliminates compression of the foam when you're lifting heavy weights," he said. "Traditional solutions for lifting shoes are things like wood wedges—this provides that functionality in a much lighter weight solution, and the foam underneath provides just enough cushioning, flexibility, and softness to not hurt a run or other active movements."

That's important for Johnson, who switches up his workout routine to add movement-based training and puts a massive strain on whatever kicks he's wearing.

Other, smaller details of the design are a result of the unique pounding the 6'5", 260-ish lb. Johnson gives his gym shoes.

"You can see there's a big stitch that runs from the heel pull tab all the way down to reinforce extra stitches. Even the thread has been beat down around the stitches," said How. "If things look a little bit beefy, it's because it's been built and tuned specifically for someone of his size and power and strength."